'Audiobooks from Audible' picks up streaming option and auto-suggest

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Just catching up on news from last week, 'Audiobooks from Audible' has seen a major update. We last covered it here, around eight months ago, but the new v10.2.8 brings the ability to stream audiobooks instead of having to download them to your phone. This could be handy for anyone with a generous cell data package and means that you can get listening straightaway without having to wait for a download to complete. 

In Settings, there's now the choice of 'Default playback method': 'Streaming' or 'Download'.

Also new in this update is an update to Search, it 'now displays suggestions as you type', plus the usual bug fixes. Note that Audible is a subscription service, with terms:

Enjoy 30 days free, then pay only £7.99/month. You'll get one credit each month which you can use on any of our 200,000+ audiobooks.

That's in the UK, of course, prices will vary in other countries. You can grab the updated Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile client here. A couple of screens of it in action:


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