The Lumia 950 (in black, anyway) now down to £344 all-in

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Well, things move fast in retail land, I was commenting on the Lumia 950 at £380 on Amazon UK on the podcast yesterday with Rafe, and the black Lumia 950 is now down to £344 all-in on Amazon UK, it seems. £299 was my original hopeful price for the 950 originally, but I'd settle for £344 - and a whole heap cheaper than the original Microsoft RRP of £499!

Well spotted, MSPowerUser, by the way, they beat me to the punch by a few hours, so here's their linked story.

Anyway, the link you need is this, for the black Lumia 950. The white one is slightly more expensive, at £375, if that's more your style?

Screenshot from Amazon

A very good price. Bump the internals up to the latest Redstone release and then sit back and enjoy the enthusiast ride through 2016?

Curiously, the Lumia 950 XL isn't moving in price, it's been £450 for ages. Either Amazon UK had less stock in for this or it's selling better. Hmm.....

Source / Credit: MSPU