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No, not an attention grabbing headline, but a serious and slick app from the people who gave you the Daily Mail Online, this time concentrating on financial news. It's also a full Windows 10 Mobile/desktop application and works with Continuum - and the content fits perfectly with Windows 10 Mobile's enterprise ambitions.

From the Store entry:

This is Money’s super-fast new app brings you ALL the latest money news, advice and tips from Britain's best financial website. You cannot afford to miss it.

Our specialist writers and editors cover everything you need to know from house prices, to investing ideas, consumer news and the latest savings and mortgage rates.

We cover the latest stock market, economic and company news as it happens – and explain what it means for you. Other favorite channels include cars and motoring, bills, small business, credit cards and loans and pensions.

Top financial opinion makers from This is Money and the Daily Mail contribute to the brilliant new comment section. You can even submit your money questions to our panel of experts.

And here the application is in action, here on a Lumia 950:

Screenshot, This is MoneyScreenshot, This is Money

Part of the Daily Mail's online properties, the styling is very similar; with sections that can be directly swiped through or you can swipe on the bottom of screen headings and then tap on these, for possibly faster access.

Screenshot, This is MoneyScreenshot, This is Money

Within each section are the expected categorised financial news stories. And, to be honest, the amount of information and interest, the signal-to-noise ratio, is vastly higher than for the generic Daily Mail content - or maybe that's just me?!

Screenshot, This is MoneyScreenshot, This is Money

As with the Daily Mail app, you can set this to sync up new content in the background, ready for you to (for example) read on the tube or train, where data might be an issue; (right) there are still pauses every now and then, with a white screen while things download - I'd like there always to be some kind of 'loading' placeholder....

You can grab This is Money here in the Store - it's free and really rather slick. And it works fine under Continuum, for when you get to that HD-screen rest-hole....

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