Another lap-dock for Continuum: The Acer Liquid Extend

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There's a bit of a theme developing today - and one which will keep growing in importance through the year, I suspect. Having expounded on the significance of Continuum to the future of Windows 10 Mobile, I saw that a new Continuum-specific 'lap-dock' was announced and shown off today, from Acer. It's low spec in terms of resolution, but that's the only disappointment for what should be an ultra-light and fairly cheap way to turn your smartphone into a laptop...

Liliputing managed to get hands-on with the Liquid Extend at a show and there's a rough and ready demo in video form from them here:

The essential specs of the lap-dock are (apparently - take these with a pinch of salt, and we still don't know the price):

  • 11.6" LCD display
  • 720 resolution
  • USB Type C port (for the Continuum-compatible smartphone)
  • HDMI (for non Continuum-compatible smartphones, I'm guessing)
  • 2x USB-A ports (for mouse and keyboard, principally, though other peripherals - e.g. storage - might work too)

Looks good though, I can see myself going for something like this in a big way. We've seen the HP version for the Elite X3, now here's Acer's, for their Jade Primo Windows 10 Mobile device, I wonder if Microsoft will produce a first party equivalent at some point this year? No doubt at a premium price, but still....

Comments welcome, do these lap-docks excite you as much as they excite me?

Source / Credit: Lilputing