Instagram now officially out of beta, no longer part of the 'app gap'

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Instagram has been quoted for years as the prime example of the 'app gap' for Windows Phone and beyond, and apparently something with 'beta' in the title doesn't count. Fear not though, for there's an update in the Store right now that removes this tag - and presumably the labelling in the Store will change shortly too - there's often a five hour gap between binaries and their associated text - go figure!

Here's my previous write-up of the Instagram Beta (UWP) about six weeks ago. Today's update is v7.20.1, so a minor step up from 7.17, but I can't see anything that's new apart from the removal of a few bugs and that 'beta' tag. Still, I guess that's significant enough in itself.

Instagram's UWP is somewhat slow, especially on the QHD and 1080p phones, but then it's limited by being heavily graphical and requiring a fast Internet connection - so be patient with it. I notice that you can't remove the virtual Windows 10 Mobile controls to increase tghe viewing area, so this UWP is definitely missing a trick and expect further updates soon.

Screenshot, Instagram Beta UWPScreenshot, Instagram Beta UWP

You can grab or update Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile here in the Store. It's not known what will happen to the 'Instagram Beta' for Windows Phone 8 devices - in theory all this could be back ported easily enough. I'll update this story if I notice this happening.

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