Two years of Fhotoroom updates, summarised

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Amazingly, we haven't featured Fhotoroom here for two years, which is why a flush of updates in the last few months has warranted another mention here, with a summarised changelog of everything that's been added since early 2014. Its quite a list, showing just how active and committed Fhotoroom's developers have been.

Here’s a summarised changelog since the last time we featured Fhotoroom:

  • New drawing tool
  • Updated Curves curve line rendering for smoother look
  • Masks have been added to Fhotoroom for free
  • Fixed Saturation bug in Editor
  • Fixed Update Profile link
  • Added New Grain control to Editing
  • Added New Hue control to Editing
  • Added New Provia Low, Provia, and Ektar preset to Undertone Collection
  • Added New Portra preset to Mellow Collection
  • Editing Favorites are now no longer device specific. Any Phone you have with the same account registered with also have access to all of your Editing Favorites
  • Newly improved search feature
  • New Community Tags
  • +650 RAW Digital camera support
  • +30 file associations
  • +30 file formats
  • Full meta-data support
  • Import/Replace Photo metadata
  • Continuum Support
  • New Free Curves Filters located under Pro tools
  • New Free Border Blur addition to Frames
  • Removed Text auto correct red underline
  • Dozens of subtle UI/UX enhancements
  • Completely Rewritten TiltShift filter, now supports Mask Brush, +2x Faster, sub-pixel sampling and updated UI
  • Completely Rewritten Text Layer filter now with new UI/UX, text alignment, frame resizing and smoother results
  • 4 New Fonts
  • Performance boosting
  • Updated HDR Filter
  • Updated Denoise Filter
  • Crop Filter now supports LANDSCAPE layout
  • New higher res previews
  • Bug fixes and Improvements


The social/community side of Fhotoroom is front and centre at all times...


Playing around with one of the surprisingly advanced photo processing functions....

Very comprehensive in terms of image editing, though the interface is still heavily skewed to 'social', very Instagrammish... Note that you need to create a 'fhotoroom' account before you can share anything. The demographic, judging from the shared content in the Fhotoroom community, seems to major on sub-30 females, but of course the system is open to anyone.

You can download Fhotoroom for free here in the Windows Phone Store. There are ads, but any in-app-purchase removes these - forever.

From a personal standpoint, I just can't get on with Fhotoroom's interface and workflow - but it might just be me. Any comments welcome!