Update round-up: Line, Dropbox, Feedback Hub

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Just rounding up a few core and popular applications for Windows 10 Mobile that have been updated in the last few days - we're also expecting a new update for the OS 'Release Preview' ring this week (the one many of the older Windows Phones have had to upgrade to), so there's plemty going on.

Firstly, an update to Line, the popular 'over the top' messaging application has been bumped to v5.1.0, with significant changelog:

  • Possibility of pinning chats to the Start screen
  • Ability to respond to messages received directly from Action Center
  • You can now share photos, videos and messages from other applications using Line
  • You can now send voice messages

You can grab Line here in the Store, or update it in the usual way.

Dropbox only had a major update (v4.2.1) for its Universal Windows Program three weeks ago, but there's another now out, v4.3, and it's also a biggie:

Cast your videos to a other screen

Stream easily your videos stored in your Dropbox using your laptop, tablet or phone to an other screen with just one button. The app supports DLNA, Miracast, Xbox, etc...

Advanced comments notifications

In order to improve your productivity, you can now reply directly to comments from the Action Center or toast without needing to launch the app

Save/Export multiple files at once

Save your time and export/save many files at the same time. The download is now asynchronous, no more “downloading” screen, you can continue to use your Dropbox even during a download.

New UX for file actions

Right click on a file/folder will now display a flyout menu instead of multi-selection, you will be able to quickly share/manage your files. You can still use multi-selection clicking the “multi-select” button or with your mouse: Ctrl+ left click

Improved full screen mode

Full screen mode for images and videos by hiding the system tray, your videos/pictures will use 100% of your screen.

Highly recommended. You can grab or update Dropbox here in the Store

Also a big update in terms of UI but, oddly, with a different name and Store entry to the old 'Windows Feedback' that used to be baked into the OS, is Feedback Hub. This has been the main means to pass on bug reports from Insiders to Microsoft, but now anyone, even on production firmware, can join in.

From the Store entry:

Help us make Windows better! Provide feedback about Windows and apps by sharing your suggestions or problems.

If you want to be even more involved, then join the Windows Insider Programme and keep up with the latest alerts and announcements, rate the builds, participate in feedback Quests, and earn badges.

The old Windows Feedback system will be removed when the Redstone ('Anniversary Update', at least we assume the name will be the same for phones as well as desktops) hits production smartphones, leaving the new Feedback Hub as the recommended way to get in touch with Microsoft about an issue.


You can grab the new Feedback Hub here (Windows Insiders will already have it, of course).