Dropbox UWP gains big update, better sharing, printing, viewing

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Since we last featured the Dropbox UWP app, back in May, the developer has been beavering away and the result is another big update, v4.4, with the changelog quoted below. Almost all the improvements are common to both PC and mobile/phone, thankfully.

Here's the quoted Dropbox UWP changelog:

  • Open the app to the last visited tab
  • Print your documents stored on Dropbox! Supports PDF, Word, PowerPoint, image and text files
  • Share an individual file with only specific people
  • Create and manage password protected shared links
  • Text previews now support syntax highlighting
  • Redesign of the file viewer for phones to optimize for more space
  • Performance optimizations

Quite the update then - and a must-have for anyone whose smartphone is now on Windows 10 Mobile.

Screenshot, Dropbox UWPScreenshot, Dropbox UWP

Of the various navigation tabs - the one you're on gets opened first next time around...

Screenshot, Dropbox UWPScreenshot, Dropbox UWP

Printing is available, much as with Office Mobile documents, but you'll need a compatible wireless printer - my Canon 2015 model is not on the list (sob)...

Screenshot, Dropbox UWPScreenshot, Dropbox UWP

The file viewer is very well thought out, the range of stuff that can be previewed in the app is quite impressive. Long documents have a thumbnail overview too....

Screenshot, Dropbox UWPScreenshot, Dropbox UWP

Setting permissions on a link (no idea why it was greyed out for me - more investigation needed!); automatic colour-typing of source code and other markup languages...

You can grab or update the Dropbox UWP here in the Store.