AAWP Universal updated with live tile functions and more...

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Wahay! There has been an update to AAWP's own application for Windows 10 Mobile. V1.2.2 adds the much requested live tile support, as I show below in screenshots. This is surely the fastest way to find out about new AAWP content? Thanks as always to Joe Blumenow, the developer.

The full changelog, since the launch article, is:

  • Live tile support, with options to ??
  • Updated a lot of the image assets to account for different scaling sizes
  • Fixed bugs to do with article parser
  • Added a search page (using a web wrapper) - this will be improved in future versions
  • Added a 'Help' section
  • Other minor tweaks and improvements

Here's the new live tile in action (note that new stories won't appear on the live tile until there ARE some new stories - though you can force a push of the last few articles to the tile using the 'debug options' in Settings if you're impatient!), along with a few other features that are newish and which I haven't featured before:

Screenshot, AAWP Universal appScreenshot, AAWP Universal app

The new live tile showing both story thumbnails and descriptions, working rather well on this QHD-screened Lumia 950 XL...

Screenshot, AAWP Universal appScreenshot, AAWP Universal app

The new live tile is supremely customisable, from badge article numbers to images and/or descriptions...

Screenshot, AAWP Universal appScreenshot, AAWP Universal app

The hamburger menu now features 'Search'. OK, it's a web-wrapper here, but it still works pretty well, I think. Improvements will no doubt come in time!

For those interested in stats, the AAWP Universal app has had just over 1000 downloads, with 50 reviews at an average rating of 4.9! Why not add your own rating and text review? It all helps discoverability!

You can update the AAWP Universal app in the Store in the usual way.

PS. By the way, aside from Rafe being in the podcasts, virtually all the content for AAWP is now being written by me, as you've probably gathered. I/we'd love to have some more guest articles, especially over the summer, so do please get in touch if there's a topic, device or application that you feel strongly about. You can reach me at slitchfield@gmail.com .

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