Video 360 updates include photo and Cardboard/VR support

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Almost exactly a year ago, Video 360 came to Windows Phone, letting you look 'around' 360 degree videos by waving your phone around - promised then was compatibility with true stereoscopic viewers (think Google Cardboard) and, with the latest updates, this is a reality. Also now included are 360 degree (static) photos....

The changelog since our previous feature (July 2015) is:

  • You can read 360 degree (static) images (locally, or via a URL)
  • Demo feature built-in, e.g. for testing viewers
  • Setting for increasing the interpupillary distance (e.g. for large screens)
  • 3D VR headset support (Rift, Cardboard, etc.)
  • Buy recommended 3D viewer through the app
  • Better video performance
  • Bug fixes

For YouTube video content, the companion Tubecast application is still needed, but the integration is pretty seamless. Having picked (e.g.) '360' as the YouTube format to play, everything's handled by the Video 360 player and you're off and rollercoasting or deep sea diving (or whatever) in 3D in your stereoscopic viewer (with your Windows Phone mounted in the back):


Diving with Video 360, in the VR mode - it's all pretty well thought out, though you do have to join the dots a little with Tubecast, with YouTube's own options, and taking your phone in and out of the viewer. Still, a pretty cool facility...

You can grab Video 360 here in the Store. You get 20 views for free and then it's time to buy (£2.29 in the UK), but the price is quite low (though do factor in a similar price for Tubecast itself).

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