Acer Liquid Jade Primo and Desktop Kit - unboxing and first impressions

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Over at Windows Central, they've purchased an Acer Jade Primo, which is helpful as the phone whose specifications seemed more or less up there when it was first announced has been put firmly in the shade now by the imminent HP Elite X3. And, with no press review Jade Primos available (at least, not yet), we get to see a lot more of the device and its accessories. Summary? Well, it's all a bit 'meh', not least coming almost a year after Microsoft's own Lumia 950 and 950 XL, and with some significant downsides.

In fact, talking of downsides, from the text of the full WC article:

  • No NFC - How do you omit NFC in a high-end (or near high-end if you want to be pedantic) phone in 2016? I don't know, but Acer did not put NFC on this phone and I'm not entirely sure why. That, of course, means no Mobile Payments for this phone, which is a bummer.
  • Weird buttons – The Jade Primo has all its buttons its side with the volume rocker in the middle of the body and the power button below it. The buttons are decent, but the power button feels lower than it should (it's below mid-point on the phone). Still, it's better than the Lumia 950 XL in this regard.
  • Brightness – The Darkest/Darker/Suggested/Brighter/Brightest presets do nothing. The whole auto-sensing part in Redstone is not working. You can use the manual percent stepping instead. The display also does not get very dark, which is bad if you want to use it at nighttime.
  • Camera is finicky – While you can get some good shots the camera is a bit slower than expected and focusing is not that fast.
  • Odd screen accuracy – The display on 10586.494 has some odd accuracy issues where sometimes it feels like you need to tap twice on the screen target. However, this seems better with the Redstone/Anniversary Update builds.
  • Smart cover and dock? – While the smart cover is beautiful you cannot keep it on the device while using the Acer Dock, which is a bit of a pain
  • Plastic mouse and keyboard – The included mouse and keyboard are actually very nice to use, but there is no denying they feel hollow and rather cheap.

Also, there is some creakiness to the phone if you try to flex it. There is no double-tap to wake or Glance screen either. The camera button on the Lock Screen in the Anniversary Update does not work. Speaking of Anniversary Update, this phone suffers from the Wi-Fi/No Connection bug too and may be in fact worse. Microsoft is supposed to fix that soon, however, before the final release.

There are clearly software issues to fix here, but then the same can be said of the Lumia 950 pair and Windows 10 Mobile as a whole. The omission of NFC is unforgiveable in a world where Microsoft is just starting to roll out a NFC-connected Wallet system.

The creakiness of the body is also a real negative - yes, the 950/XL creaked a little out of the box, but at least you could swap out the thin plastic back for a thicker, creak-less Mozo version that looked a lot better too.

All a bit underwhelming, really. Still, Daniel tries to stay positive in his video unboxing, below:

Source / Credit: WC