QR Scanner+ piles on the new features

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QR Scanner+ has been my 'go to' QR and barcode scanner for a while, I only recently reported on its big Windows 10 Mobile re-design. And now the latest v3.10.6 adds Wi-fi access point scan simplifications, an overview tab, an 'Auto launch' option, and more....

QR Scanner+ also comes with an in-app changelog:

  • New Wi-fi connection with a single click
  • New 'Overview' tab, previewing calendar appointments, web sites, business cards, Wi-fi connection panels, etc.
  • New direct actions for business card codes, including calling, emailing, finding details on a map, etc.
  • New 'Auto launch' toggle, so you can choose whether you want to automatically go to the appropriate destination after scanning, or not
  • New navigation panel buttons get highlighted when tapped
  • bug fixes

Good stuff, though the interface remains err... idiosyncratic (to be charitable). Still, it's all here somewhere. Here are a couple of promo images for the new version:

QR Scanner+

Screenshot promo

You can buy QR Scanner+ in the Store here - it's well worth a couple of pounds or dollars for the 'best in class' recognition.

PS. There's also a cut-down free version of this app in the Store, though comments welcome on whether this to has been updated yet?

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