Windows 10 Mobile (Redstone) Anniversary Update finally rolls out

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After a few weeks on the Fast/Slow/Release Preview Insider rings, Windows 10 Mobile build 14393.67 has started rolling out to production phones, i.e. non-Insider smartphones already approved by Microsoft. Although 'rolling out' implies a certain timescale, in fact the update seems to be available more or less everywhere and for every device, Just check in Settings/Update/Phone update.

Here's the tweet from Dona, the head of the Insiders programme:

So nothing really new to anyone around these parts, but it will help a lot of the UWP apps that most users of Windows 10 Mobile will now be on the much more advanced branch (in terms of APIs) and a lot of things will start working more consistently - and be easier to report on!

Upgrading to Redstone/Anniversary Update

As a reminder, here's what's new for users going from Threshold to Redstone, i.e. from the first big Windows 10 Mobile release to the Anniversary Update.

Well, Dona originally said 'August 2nd' for the roll out, then changed her mind to "coming weeks". Then other sites put their money on August 9th, while I proclaimed that the OS wasn't ready yet. And here we are a week later - so I was partly right in that the other two dates were two early. On the other hand, Microsoft has pushed out the exact same Insiders build that we've all been playing with, warts and all. I'd really been hoping the delay was caused by bug-fixing work.

Ah well, at least the majority of Windows 10 Mobile users are on Redstone now, it's not an Insiders-only enclave. And for bug fixes to the current issues? That'll be for the brave souls (like us) continuing on in the Insiders programme. Some of the issues mentioned might be so 'core' to the platform that it really does need 'Redstone 2' to get rid of them. We'll see!

Source / Credit: Dona Sarkar