Camera 'Panorama' mode now available to all on AU

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After just over a month stuck in testing in the Fast Insiders rings, the version of Windows 10 Mobile's Camera application with the 'Panorama' mode is now rolling out to all Windows 10 users, including phones on production status, i.e. a vanilla Anniversary Update device. Of course, some phones are still waiting for the latter, but hey, 'roll outs' are 'roll outs'!

The new version of Windows 10 Camera is available in the Store in the usual way, as an update. 

Screenshot, Panorama

In operation, Panorama mode works brilliantly and just as smoothly as on Android or iOS using their native panorama functions. typical panoramas end up between 10MP and 20MP, and about 3MB byte size, depending on the length of the panorama sweep.

Just as proof for how well it works, here's one I took earlier on a Lumia 950:

Panorama example