OneLocker gets the full Anniversary Update rewrite treatment

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Last covered back in April this year in a review, OneLocker is a very capable password and personal information manager, i.e. an encrypted database of your 'stuff'. My verdict at the time was that it was comprehensive and supremely flexible but that it only really suited people who were starting from scratch, thanks to the freeform nature and the relative lack of import facilities. For v2.0, but what we do have are a multitude of fixes and tweaks, listed below, all aimed at working better with the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

From the Store description:

OneLocker is a complete, powerful and feature-packed Universal password manager for Windows 10. With multiple field types, Windows Hello, background sync, customizable live tile and jump list, a QR codes scanner and much more for all the flexibility you might need. Do you happen to have lots of passwords for all your accounts and you always end up writing them down somewhere not to forget them? This app is the perfect solution for your problem: you'll no longer have an hard time trying to remember everything as OneLocker will keep all your data safe and available wherever you are. 

So all well and good. Here's the changelog for the new v2.0, over and above the version that I reviewed five months ago: 

  • App rebuilt for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • Added the ability to perform an automatic background sync of the database
  • Added a 'time machine' feature that creates local periodic backups automatically
  • New notification template, with the ability to open the parent card
  • Added the ability to scan a QR code to easily create a new field
  • Added the importing of fields from an existing template into a new card
  • High DPI support for the jump list icons
  • It is now possible to open the sidebar when using the phone in landscape mode if the screen resolution is high enough
  • Added a progress indicator when performing the database optimisation with the extra cleanup option enabled
  • The cached Dropbox token is now encrypted for better security
  • Database sync has been improved, it is now faster and more reliable
  • Added new icons for cards and folders
  • Added a customisable jump list
  • It is now possible to share and copy fields when in ICE mode using a context menu
  • The Windows Hello profile is now preserved after restoring the app's settings
  • Website URL parser improved
  • Added a new optional live tile that shows the last used cards
  • Added PNG image import
  • Switched to vector images for the items icon in the card page to reduce loading times and to improve quality
  • Added a progress indicator in the search page
  • Added a button to directly copy the field value in the '...' menu of the bottom bar

So, loads of changes and improvements - if you've been eyeing up this tool then you should find it smoother and sleeker all round.

As before, there's a free trial version, which you'd do well to use, since the application itself is a £3 purchase. The trial version has some limits, of course:

  • The database can only contain up to 5 folders, 5 sections and 10 cards
  • Each card can have up to 5 fields, with a total of up to 30 fields in the whole database
  • The CSV export feature is disabled
  • Is it possible to create just one ICE user
  • The static upload/import options for OneDrive and Dropbox are disabled
  • The Templates section is locked, and existing cards can't be saved as templates
  • It's not possible to save/restore a local backup

But it's fine for seeing whether you like the way it works. You can grab the trial here in the Windows Store. See the comments below for the import facilities OneLocker does have, in case you wanted to try and bring some of your own data into this UWP app system.

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