The Elite X3 demo continues... over at Flickr

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I can't really apologise for the continuing stream of HP Elite X3 content at the moment - if you had a new flagship to get your head around then you'd do exactly what I've been doing, wouldn't you? Anyway, just a link of interest here to say that I've taken the liberty of starting a Flickr group for the phone, currently only a 3 members(!) but worth joining in with, should you get this smartphone. Or should you be keen to see what its camera can do, ahead of my further imaging shootout pieces on AAWP. (You may remember that I've featured Flickr before here, in the context of various Lumia smartphones.)

Here's the link you need anyway, to the HP Elite X3 Flickr group.

And here's one of the shots I took today, just as a taster:

Leaf flare

You're going to be wondering how the Elite X3 camera, with latest software, compares to that in the Lumia 950 XL? Well, it's inferior, obviously, but by a much smaller margin than I'd have guessed. Full comparison feature coming very soon!

Source / Credit: Flickr