Flickr's dedicated groups: havens for Lumia imaging fans

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There are, of course, lots of ways to upload photos, lots of places to share them from - but one which has stood the test of time, in terms of users and support, has been Flickr, now online for more than a decade. Even better, the 'groups' facility means that, in addition to simply searching Flickr for a particular phone name, you can also browse through, or be part of, a particular community for a specific camera phone. With the emphasis for many Lumia Windows Phones on imaging, this provides a great way to see what others are doing with the same hardware as you, and to share yourself and find out what others think of your Lumia-shot photos.

The problem with the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is that, good though they are as social networks, they present images in fairly low resolution, usually sub-one megapixel, meaning that you never really get to see the detail and full glory of each picture. So, if you love something and want to do something more with it, copyright-permitting(!), you're very limited - not to mention that viewing such images on modern 2K to 4K displays is very definitely sub-optimal.

Flickr, on the other hand, has always handled the original images you upload (though it also offers auto-downsampled versions if chosen in its interfaces and clients), presenting a good way to upload, store and share full resolution photos from your Lumia 1020 (or similar).

One thing that often puts people off is having to log in using a Yahoo account (Yahoo bought Flickr years ago) - take my advice and get past this hurdle, it only takes a few monents and then you're off and running. 

As a guide then, I've had a sort through the biggest relevant Flickr groups and present direct links for your interest, along with some of my favourite photos captured on Lumias over the last few years. If you have one of the phones below, then why not join the appropriate group and get started?

NB: with some overlap between the groups below, it's not surprising that many people are members of several and add/link their photos to multiple groups. So you'll sometimes see images which are also tagged in other groups.

Let's start with the big one, the 41MP camera-centric Windows Phone. Unsurprisingly, there are more groups dedicated to the 1020 than any other Windows Phone by some margin. I'll mention and link to two here:

'Nokia Lumia 1020' (3,000 members, 38,000 photos)

Here's a recent favourite - admittedly shot in RAW format and then enhanced on a desktop, but the detail is just exquisite, make sure you click through to the source image to see the full (in this case) 3MP glory (I'm guessing there was a little cropping involved at some stage):

Example photo

I also liked this sunset in Swindon, local to me:


There's also another big-hitting 1020 group:

'Nokia Lumia 1020 Photos' (1500 members, 18,000 photos).

Here's a favourite of mine, being an ice-cream lover(!) and using depth of field perfectly, you can grab up to the full 34MP original here:

Ice cream

Perhaps next down (though a long way down in terms of stats!) the pecking order is the eponymous group for the Nokia flagship phablet:

'Nokia Lumia 1520' (36 members, 487 photos)

Still plenty of nice examples, including this obviously processed, but still stunning, low light  Fort Myers photo, available in 20MP form too:

Photo example

With a nominally identical camera unit, there's also the 930, with group:

'Nokia Lumia 930' (88 members, 730 photos)

Plenty here too, with this artificial rainbow being a favourite (also available in full 20MP form):

Example photo

And then there are combination groups, bringing in photos from multiple devices. For example, one of the first groups I joined was:

'Nokia Lumia 930, 1520 and Icon' (674 members, 7,000 photos)

Plucking an example from this (and not including my own!), what about this lovely sunset shot (from a 930) and available up to about 13MP (again, perhaps a touch of cropping was used before uploading):

Lovely sunset

Then, for older PureView fans, there's the ageing, but gracefully so, 920:

'Nokia Lumia 920: Gallery' (1300 members, 11,000 photos)

Again I'm drawn to the coast with this rather impressive 15MP panorama, shot on the 920:

Seaside panorama

Finally, remember that recent budget devices like the Lumia 640 XL (now down to just £180 or so on Amazon UK, see here for my full review) can produce great images, with a sensor to match the likes of the 920 above, even if there's no OIS for low light shots:

'Nokia Lumia 640' (40 members, 135 photos)

OK, it's a very new group and just getting started, but I did like this dew-sodden flower, albeit only at 2MP this time, so again I'll bet this was cropped down for artistic purposes:

Flower example


What about you? Are you a Flickr member (it's free, as long as you don't upload huge quantities of images a month) and if so, can you recommend any other particular groups? And if you interact with Flickr on Windows Phone, which client do you use (see my story on the demise of Flickr Booth etc.)?