Feedback Hub gets easy sharing options for issues and bugs

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One of the tangential annoyances of being in the Insiders programme for Windows 10 Mobile has been that, when we find issues or bugs and report them, it has been hard to point others to the report, in order for them to upvote it. There were niche solutions, including a URL format hack in Edge (I believe), but now Microsoft has updated Feedback Hub (starting on the Fast ring, as usual) to include explicit sharing of Feedback Hub reports.

Insiders can now share Feedback Hub content such as feedback items, quests or similar via 'short URL' links (making them easier to share on character-limited social media such as Twitter).

Here's the system in action after updating the Feedback Hub on my Lumia 950:


After finding (or creating) a Feedback Hub report, tap on the 'share' control and a link gets created, along with controls to copy it to the system clipboard or 'share' it in the usual way, via other Windows 10 Mobile applications.


Here I'm about to post the link to my report on Twitter (via the direct share) and (right) paste it to a AAWP comment thread via the AAWP Universal application...

Great to see this, if a little late in the day. Now you can easily let co-enthusiasts help you get Microsoft's attention on an issue which has really been bugging you!