Dropbox UWP gains grid view and UI facelift

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Just catching up with some app news, updates that have come out while I've been heads down with the Elite X3... Dropbox's official UWP client happens to be developed by rock star Windows developer Rudy Huyn, which means that, along with updates, we also get decent changelogs (thanks, Rudy). In this case, the client gains a complete UI facelift - with grid view for media and a myriad other small touches.

From the developer, Rudy Huyn, comes the changelog since the last time we featured Dropbox, back in the summer:

Dropbox 4.5 for Windows 10:

  • introducing a new view style ‘grid view’ that provides a segmented folder view grouping photos and videos into a grid view, and files, folders and upload in progress into list view.
  • links becomes clickable in comments
  • UI improved: better adaptive design, animations, blur effect, etc...
  • better support of Xbox controllers
  • optimization and bug fixes

Here's the new version in action:


Debuting the split grid view, with dual grids (images/videos) and listing of relevant folders...


Dropbox's UWP app is extraordinarily 'Windows 10'-compliant in terms of style, here in landscape mode (which will also work well for Continuum)...


...and the Settings pane is virtually identical to Windows 10's own Settings....

Dropbox UWP app for Windows 10 is something of a star in the ecosystem. Perhaps even the best Dropbox implementation in the mobile world? It's free anyway, as is a Dropbox account. You can grab or update the Dropbox UWP here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Rudy Huyn