Onecast UWP major improvements

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A week ago, I introduced readers to a brand new 'super-simple' Windows 10 Mobile podcatcher, Onecast, a UWP application that aims to be as easy to use as the original Windows Phone 8 Podcasts application from Microsoft. And, proving that development on this is currently very fast, we have a big new update available in the Store, see the changelog below.

Here's what's new in the last week(!):

  • Automatically Detect and Adapt App to Internet Connectivity Level (e.g. WiFi vs Metered Connection vs Airplane Mode): detection of metered connections now disables auto-caching of podcast audio files
  • In-App Airplane Mode added
  • OPML Import Support
  • Episode Descriptions are Hidden by Default. Press "i" to Show.
  • Increased Icon Sizes
  • Expanded 'Now Playing' Iiterface is Now Fullscreen
  • General Bugfixes

And, as ever, I've been having a play. You should note that the database format seems to have changed from the initial version I looked at, to the extent that you'll probably have to uninstall OneCast and then reinstall it to get it working properly again. Which may involve you having to re-add your favourite podcasts from the search control. Or use the new OPML import facility.


The OPML function is a link in the search dialog - just navigate to wherever you keep a useful file of feed subscriptions and accept it.


Podcast details are now pushed just to the 'i' pop-up, which works well. This means that there's much more room for podcast date and time in the main listings.


There's now a full-screen playback pane - you can pop this 'up' or 'down' at any stage; (right) tapping the 'Onecast' name cycles through the various modes: Cached, Streaming and Airplane - here, this is new and gives peace of mind that the application isn't going to suddenly try grabbing tens of MB on a fragile or expensive connection.

You can grab this in the Store here, it's a free download (with in-app-purchases to donate to help development if you want to).

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