'Cast' UWP becomes 'Podcasts (beta)'

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Risking confusion with the old Windows Phone 8.1 'built in' application of the same name - or perhaps this is the point, taking over for Windows 10 - Podcasts (beta) (yes, that really is part of the app name for now) is a UWP podcatcher that used to be called 'Cast' and which I'd pronounced as distinctly buggy six months ago. Has the rename and half a year of development made a big difference? Happily, the answer is yes, and I'm now testing this more intensively for a full review round-up shortly on AAWP.

From the Store description (with nary a mention of its 'Cast' heritage):

Podcasts is your definitive tool for managing your audio podcasts on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Your library is synchronized over your devices. You can organize your collection and use it everywhere you are!

Here's Podcasts (beta) in action:

Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)

A good sign to see that the first thing the application does is head off to OneDrive in order to grab all your podcasts and settings (in my case from running Cast UWP six months ago!)... So the backing up of your podcast set-up really does work!

Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)

And there they all are - all my podcasts, with no work needed! Woohoo! The full UWP nature and adherence to Windows 10 UI guidelines is impressive, though the developer has invented things here and there, such as the header panes and pop-up player.

Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)Screenshot, Podcasts (beta)

The Settings panes are pretty comprehensive, I'll be putting the automatic download facility to the test over the next few days ahead of my podcatcher round-up.

You can grab this for free in the Store here, with in-app-purchases just there to 'tip' the developer if you like a lot! Note that it requires the Anniversary Update (at least), not that this will be an issue for 99% of people reading this.

Comments welcome if you've tried 'Cast' (old name) or 'Podcasts (beta)' (new name!) - how has it been holding up?

PS. That music podcast of mine, if you're interested, is here.

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