Disqus UWP app finally matures

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Although Disqus's UWP app is still technically 'beta', an update yesterday has made a big difference to stability and, for the first time, I feel that I can screenshot and even recommend it. As usual, this will work on phone, Continuum displays, tablets, hybrids and laptops. It's a good way to take in replies to your various forum comments on sites across the web.

You may rememeber the old Windows Phone 8.1 application, covered three years ago here? This is the new Windows 10 UWP app and is totally different(!)

From the brief description in the Store:

• Access to the thousands of new Disqus channels

• Create discussions on channels in the app

• Upload images for your comments and discussions

• New notifications

• New feed filters

• Design enhancements

Here's the Disqus UWP app in action - having tried the last few beta and run away screaming from 'null exception' type errors, this one's mature and useable - time to drop the 'Beta' tag, methinks?

Screenshot, Disqus UWPScreenshot, Disqus UWP

Nice clear navigation around the application - the red flag under Notifications (of course) lets you know how many new replies there are to comments you've made across all Disqus-powered web sites (like this one); (right) Plenty to fiddle with under Settings, here opting to sort all new replies by their Disqus rating, and to follow the phone's theme (dark, of course, all my phones are AMOLED-screened!)

Screenshot, Disqus UWPScreenshot, Disqus UWP

You can just explore the Disqus world, of course, with Disqus's in-house team curating some of the top discussions from around the web; (right) or dive into your comments and replies, here listed by thread.

Screenshot, Disqus UWPScreenshot, Disqus UWP

...and then replying inline, in the application - it's got to be easier than using Disqus in a phone web browser, right? (right) there's a live tile too, just showing notification numbers, but this is absolutely fine and uses very little in terms of resources.

You can grab the Disqus UWP app here, recommended - it's safe to jump on board the 'beta' now!

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