Live Earth: Himawari 8 UWP

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From the developer of Onecast UWP (a podcatcher) comes a graphical utility that brings live satellite imagery to your Windows 10 Mobile device. Specifically from Himawari 8, geostationary over Australia. See below for details!

From the Store description:

1080p and 4k "live" satellite imagery updated every 15 minutes and offset to compensate for your local timezone. Can be used as auto-updating wallpaper, lockscreen, or live tile. Source images are taken from a 100MP camera aboard the Himawari 8 weather satellite in geosynchronous orbit over Australia.

  • 100MP images captured by the Himawari 8 weather satellite in geosynchronous orbit over Australia.
  • Multispectral imagery combines visible light photography with Himawari's other sensors for amazing night vision.
  • 24 Hour Time Lapse
  • Four levels of zooming
  • Auto-Updating Lockscreen (every 15mins)
  • Auto-Updating Wallpaper (every 15mins)
  • Auto-Updating LiveTile (every 15mins)

The app is perhaps more geared towards Windows 10 on the desktop more than Mobile, so that you can appreciate the detail on a larger display, but it's still fun to look at and tinker with on the phone. Here are some screenshots:

Live Earth screenshotLive Earth screenshot

The satellite views of Planet Earth can be set by time or automatic, and you can tie all this in to your wallpaper/Start screen background, and to your lock-screen (again, on phone or desktop); (right) proof, here's my Lumia 950 lock screen on the phone, within 15 minutes of real life!

Live Earth screenshotLive Earth screenshot

Our planet at night like you've not seen it before! Choose between multi-spectral and visible light; (right) animations are available of the last 24 hours of imagery, these are also stunning.

You can grab this for free in the Store here. Extra functions (including zooming) are available if you go 'pro' within the application for a small in app purchase - but this is very much optional.

Source / Credit: Store