Instagram UWP gets Boomerang and photo bookmarking

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Instagram's official UWP application for Windows 10 has seen numerous updates through 2016, culminating in the addition of 'stories' back in the summer. And we've now had a further major update for Instagram for all Windows 10 variants, including mobile and desktop, this time adding a 'Boomerang' video-to-animation mode and a way to save photos in your timeline that you like and want to keep bookmarked.

Here's a handful of screens showing some of the new features in action:

Screeenshot, Instagram UWPScreeenshot, Instagram UWP

Note the bookmark control beneath each image, below-right - tap this to 'save' it to a private area on your account on Instagram.

Screeenshot, Instagram UWPScreeenshot, Instagram UWP

Within the camera interface, there's a Boomerang mode, where you shoot a few seconds of video and it gets looped backwards and forwards for comic effect - plus a 'hands-free' mode, a.k.a. err.... start and stop recording, rather than having to hold the control down, the normal way Instagram's video cam works.... I know, I know...

You can grab or update Instagram UWP for Windows 10 (Mobile) here in the Store

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