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Instrument tuning applications aren't two a penny on any platform - it takes some seriously good coding to handle the real time audio signal analysis. Airyware Tuner has been in the Store as a Windows Phone 8.1 application for years (there's even a free 'lite' version here), but now we have a proper Windows 10 UWP version - it runs perfectly under Windows 10 on Mobile, Desktop and on Continuum screens.

Now, I should say that this application goes way beyond simple 'guitar tuners' (my old 8.1 round-up here, plus my last feature on Guitar Tuna here). From the Store description for Airyware Tuner:

Professional chromatic orchestral tuner featuring 64-bit NeatTimbre™ DSP engine optimized for Snapdragon™ processors.

Most user reviews say that Airyware Tuner is a best guitar tuner for Windows Phone, however this app is not only for guitars. It can help tune more than 400 instruments of string, woodwind, brass, and some percussion types. It works equally well at stage, home, and street. It is beloved by bass guitar players and contrabassists. It is used by pro piano tuners and luthiers. Try it yourself! Play an arbitrary note on your instrument, and Airyware Tuner will show you how perfect it was. With instant reaction, scientific precision, waveform inspector, needle/strobe dual view – this tuner is a choice of musicians who care about best sound.

  • 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz
  • up to 0.1 cent accuracy
  • ambient noise reduction
  • linear needle meter
  • strobe tuning mode
  • A4 calibration: 300…500 Hz
  • calibration to live sound
  • waveform inspector (oscilloscope)
  • high-contrast display
  • sharp/flat/3b2# notations
  • scale transposition ± 12 semitones
  • tone generator, pitch pipe: C2…B4
  • internal/headset microphone support
  • 400+ instruments, 900+ tunings
  • popular historical temperaments
  • target note audition: C0…B7
  • favorite tunings
  • feature request gateway

There's a time-limited (days) trial version, after which it's just under £4 in the UK Store to buy completely, which seems more than fair enough. Here's Airyware Tuner in action:

Screenshot, Airyware Tuner

This is the main tuning screen - there's a lot going on, and with garish neon effects, but somehow it all works in a 'retro' way. The central indicator varies around whichever scale note is closest, with waveforms and (here) dividers animating to indicate sound activity.

Screenshot, Airyware Tuner

The calibration screen lets you adjust the master frequency used as a baseline - usually because the instruments in a band or orchestra are having to tune to a legacy instrument that's slightly 'out'.

Screenshot, Airyware Tuner

One advanced feature is noise removal - for example if you're trying to tune in an area with a loud white noise (e.g. air conditioning) then by sampling and then removing this noise you can get a purer tuning analysis. In theory!

Screenshot, Airyware Tuner

The free 'trial' version, in addition to being time limited, also only comes with a couple of instruments - the full version has many more.

Screenshot, Airyware Tuner

And for the really advanced... temperament adjusting. These represent minor variations in the frequency differences between notes in a scale, again usually because of older instruments and styles.

Screenshot, Airyware Tuner

And, this being a full Continuum-compatible UWP app for Windows 10, here's the proof, running on a secondary display and tuning my guitar. On the big screen!!

Impressively done, even though the interface itself bears no resemblance to any other Windows 10 application. My guitar is but a trivial test case for such a tuner - I'm sure the target market will something more ambitious!

You can grab the free trial version (or buy the full app) here in the Store

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