HP also teases a revised Elite x3 Lap Dock

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Not content with teasing a new, slimmer, more affordable Elite x3, HP was also (very quietly) teasing a revised Lap Dock, it seems - and WC has somehow managed to grab a photo of the accessory behind glass. Summary? It's larger and more 'notebook-like', with some full size USB-A ports. As readers will know, the experience with the first version of the Lap Dock wasn't wholly satisfactory, so here's hoping that version 2 works better as 2017 unfolds.

From the WindowsCentral sneak peek:

If you're a fan of Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum, we've got some good news for you. Alongside teasing a new Elite x3 at Mobile World Congress, HP also teased a new Lap Dock for Continuum, with a slightly bigger screen and an overall more "equipped" device.

Lap Dock v2?

Much like the new Elite x3, we know basically nothing about the new Lap Dock. Judging by what we've seen, it appears to be a 14" device rather than 10" like the first generation Lap Dock. It also has a much larger keyboard, and a trackpad with dedicated left and right buttons. It also has full size USB ports, instead of USB-C ports like the current Lap Dock does...

...HP is keeping tight-lipped over their future Windows 10 Mobile plans, but it's clear that HP are dedicated to their Windows 10 Mobile line of devices. Stay tuned to Windows Central for more.

Microsoft's (and, here, HP's) vision for the future of Windows 10 Mobile is starting to take shape, I feel. Fast forward a year, to 2018, and 6"-screened phablets/phones will be running full Windows 10 on ARM chipsets, i.e. in similar fashion to Windows Mobile but with a generic 'shell' that adapts the UI to phone or larger display use, via Continuum. Effectively merging SKUs of Windows 10 together, we could be in for a nirvana of one device that becomes every other form factor, depending on what display or UI we hook it into.

It's an ambitious goal, anyway!

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