1Shot UWP gets UI overhaul and much more

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I don't think I've ever seen an application evolve this fast in front of my eyes. 1Shot is a UWP camera application for Windows 10 Mobile and - mainly thanks to user feedback, I understand - its UI and feature set have improved drastically over the last couple of months, since the last time we featured it (at v2.0.11.0)

Here, for example, is the changelog (for v2.1.9.0) since May 12th, a mere two weeks ago:

  • Fix issue with resolution and preview mismatch on Lumia 640 range causing negative artefacts
  • Add standard ISO speed presets for faster selection
  • Add experimental support for left handed users
  • Fix issue with Flash modes not showing up correctly
  • Hide/show camera options when a particular option is deleted
  • Fix issue with exposure/shutter speed over 1s not showing correctly
  • Tweak camera options layout
  • Re-order Settings options
  • Rework focus ring so that it hides after 2 seconds
  • Rework exposure/shutter speeds. Removed 1/16000 and 1/8000 as it doesn't work on mobile
  • Use standard 1/2 and 1/3 step exposures for exposure slider
  • Add GPS Accuracy and Report internal options in Settings
  • Show focus ring when using native zoom or when iZoom is at default value
  • Force centre focus when iZoom is used
  • Move initial geolocation query to non-waiting call to speed up app start
  • Add custom geolocation monitoring to speed up geotagging of photos
  • Add support for fixed focus cycle on each capture when in AF/AFs mode
  • Set value on Focus Control to ensure manual focus is set
  • Fix app crash when device does not have rear camera
  • Show settings as a flyout rather than forcing navigation on mobiles
  • Test tweak to disable orientation change when device is flat up or down
  • Restore and reset all values when switching between basic and advanced modes
  • Make flyout transparent
  • Fix camera button wiring issue

Wow. Again, I should emphasise that 1Shot is developed by one guy and that the changelog above is only part of what has been done in the last fortnight alone. Kudos.

A few screens by way of illustration:

Screenshot, 1Shot

The interface is now much more standard, with controls in the UI corners, along with a link to the last photo taken, bottom-right. The 'Auto' control at the top brings up various scene modes...

Screenshot, 1Shot

...seemingly modelled on those in previous Nokia phones and served up here courtesy of the Windows 10 Camera APIs that 1Shot is using. If you're not sure, just use Auto!

Screenshot, 1Shot

Good to see focus options brought out, front and centre, I love playing with Manual focus for snapping genuine close-ups, as tight as the phone camera optics let me go!

Screenshot, 1Shot

Here I've popped up the 'advanced' controls at the top of the screen. Note that in all modes, you can do the famous 1Shot 'Intelligent Zoom', where it never goes beyond 1:1 on the sensor, so here snapping a 5.8MP photo at an effective zoom factor of 1.8x (see the indicator bottom-left)

Screenshot, 1Shot

The shutter speed options, along with an exposure slider - what combination do you need?

Screenshot, 1Shot

Left-handers will welcome the option to completely reverse the UI, putting the shutter control (etc) on the left. Why do more camera apps not have this option?

You can grab 1Shot UWP here in the Store. Highly recommended installing it, if only to watch how it continues to develop!