Disqus UWP 'Beta' over, transitioned to full release in the Store

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Disqus has been very competent in the way its handled its UWP beta application for Windows 10 (including mobile) - with a separate 'Beta' entry in the Store, as reported here when it was actually useable, back in January. But now the beta period is finally over, with testers receiving a pointer message over to the original URL in the Microsoft Store, which now serves up the full, non-beta Disqus UWP to anyone running Windows 10 on their (e.g.) phone.

Here's the pop-up that 'Beta' testers just got:

The UWP application itself, from the main URL, is faultless, as you'd expect by now. Disqus is the comment system behind a huge number of sites, including AAWP, but if you start to lose track of which threads you've chipped into on which sites then the Disqus (UWP) app is definitely the way to go.

Screenshot, Disqus UWPScreenshot, Disqus UWP

You can make sure you have the latest Disqus application, for 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile (as here) from the same URL, in the Store here.

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