Travel Currencies UWP is an ultimate conversion tool

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This UWP app is dated from last year but seems to have only appeared recently - and it's currency-related again, this time based around conversion and, curiously, includes Bitcoin functions again.

From the Store description:

Travel Currencies is a multi-currency converter for traveling. It shows conversions for multiple currencies at once. You can select commission % to see the actual exchange fee charged. You can pin small, wide and large Live Tiles and even display conversions on your Microsoft Band.

  • Conversions for 170+ countries (*).
  • Incl. Bitcoin and precious metals (*).
  • Hourly fresh rates (*).
  • Choosable commission %.
  • Note values (denominations).
  • Automatically detects local currency.
  • Live Tiles (small, wide, large).
  • Interactive MS Band Tile.

Travel Currencies shows multiple conversions at once to assist you in scenarios like one hotel quoting their room rates in Euros, one in Dollars and another one in the local currency Baht. You can subtract a commission for comparing rates (e.g. -5% for typical kiosk rate or a 3.5% custom commission). For your convenience the app shows values for typical denominations (e.g. 1000 Baht).

Travel Currencies is the perfect companion to compare prices and get the best change rates for your money. For details and a demo video see Travel currencies web site.

  • The trial version is fully functional, incl. a PRO rates and Band Tiles trial.
  • Trial expiration disables refreshing rates from the internet and PRO rates

Here's Travel Currencies in action:


You can add currencies and then base all conversions on the currency of your choice in terms of value; (right) the refreshed currency rates can be viewed as-is, or set to include the typical margins charged by various services.


A handy look-up table gives a good mental handle on how two currencies match-up for ready reference; (right) there's a choice of rates service, plus integration with Microsoft Health's APIs for inclusion on a connected Microsoft Band (anyone remember them?!)

You can grab the free seven day trial version in the Store here. (The trial only shows on a device, not in the web Store.)

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