'Ignore the haters, use what you love'

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An underlying thought behind a lot of the editorial on AAWP is that there are an awful lot of people (including me) who love quite a bit of the Windows 10 Mobile interface, the live tiles, the cross-device elegance, the USPs of some of 'our' devices - despite the patently never-quite-finished nature of Windows 10 and despite relative apathy from the wider tech community. If this is you then you'll be cheered to read the linked editorial by Jason Ward, see the quote below. If you like something and are happy supporting it then does it matter that well over 90% of the rest of the world disagrees with your choice? 

From Jason's editorial:

"Windows phone is dead" has been the popular quarterly headline and social media mantra for the past couple of years. But for many fans who don't care what the naysayers say, Windows phone is wanted - dead or alive.

Windows phone fans are a hardy bunch. We've endured broken promises, broken platforms, broken communities and if the harsh, inconsiderate and outright mean words of some had their desired effects, broken spirits would be part of that list.

But that's not the case. Despite the name-calling, Microsoft's lack of interest, the platform's shortcomings and its uncertain future, we use what we love. And we love Windows phone in all of its troubled glory.

The fluidity of the UI, the uniqueness of Live Tiles, the integration of Microsoft services and more are things we've chosen not to live without.

Sure rival platforms are more popular, better supported, tied into smart home hubs and intelligent automobiles and are solidly positioned for the foreseeable future. But we love using Windows phone, and it works for us. It's neither intellectually unsound nor delusional to use the platform one loves to use if it works for them. It's simply a choice.

We're not naïve to the platform's problems nor Microsoft's failures either. We're painfully aware of the roller coaster ride of promises and disappointments that has been the Windows-on-mobile journey. And even though the promise of Windows 10 Mobile has devolved into a platform in "sustain mode," we still love Windows phone as we anticipate what's next.

Very eloquent. All of Jason's columns are worth a read, if only because they represent a 'glass half full' rather than a 'glass half empty' view of the world.

I've covered the stats in past editorials, for example calculating that there may be as few as seven million truly active users of Windows 10 Mobile right now, a drop in the bucket compared to the active billion plus using Android and iOS. But, assuming that all the services and applications you need are available (and I appreciate that this may be a sore point for some) then does it matter that you, as a Windows 10 Mobile user are in the 1% rather than the 99%?

Phrases like "the road less travelled" come to mind. Yes, we're just putting a philosophical face on things, but it's good to have a little positivity at the moment!

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