Enter yet another Windows 10 browser: Vivid UWP

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The browser the world wants on Windows 10 Mobile is, of course, Chrome (from Google), but we'll have to make do for now with a myriad third party browsers based at heart on Microsoft's EdgeHTML engine. The best of the rest so far has been Monument Browser, but here's a quick peek at the new Vivid Browser.

From the Store entry (sic):

  • You can add multiple tabs. with multi-tab interface. (10 tab limit)
  • You can download the files.
  • You can set the tab width.  (50 to 150 percent)
  • You can open context menu any web sites.

Context menu features:

  • Open in new tab.
  • Copy link.
  • Save picture.
  • Copy picture link.
  • Select all.

Context menu for video:

  • Play and Pause.
  • Mute and Unmute.
  • Play speed.

It's minimalist in functions in comparison to Monument Browser, but does sport a clean look with proper tabs that can be auto or manually sized.


It's.... a web browser, with the only real benefit over Edge being the tabbed UI and tab size tweaking, unless I'm missing anything?


The tab sizing and general UI work better in landscape, of course, plus this works on Continuum, being a full UWP application.

You can grab Vivid Browser here in the Store. Does it float your boat?

Source / Credit: Store