CAS Preview UWP: a reminder and encouragement

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This is from late last year, but AAWP didn't cover it at the time, so here goes. A reminder that if you try and use CAS Preview UWP (i.e. for Windows 10) then think about dropping the developer a line to encourage the project along to the next level.

From the Store description:

Refresh your lock screen and wallpaper with a beautiful random artwork every hour or every day. There are 2,800 images on Windows 10 Desktop and Xbox One, and 4,800 images on Windows 10 Mobile.

Unlike City Art Search, from the same developer, CAS Preview represents just the underlying lockscreen and Start screen changing functions, i.e. there's no browsing or map based UI here - at least not yet.

Some screens of CAS Preview in action on my Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro:


The control interface - it's quite dense, but it's highly configurable and is a true UWP; (right) the About screen - hopefully a full CAS UWP app is in development.


There's a slideshow preview/browser, where you can see the sort of classic art images included, plus you can also set the various filters (wot, nudity on AAWP?!) and slideshow parameters; (right) an example of CAS Preview having set my lockscreen to one of its art photos.

You can grab this for free here.

The developer is Brian Kernan (CityArtSearch on Twitter), please do contact him and encourage him to work on a Windows 10 UWP interface for the main application - it's something I'd very much like to see!

Source / Credit: Store