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If you have one of the USA-only 'Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10' phones or the new IDOL 4 Pro for Europe and the world, why not also submit your best photos taken with the phone to a new Flickr group, specifically created for the prupose of showing off what this phone camera can do?

As usual with Flickr groups, it's less to do with trying to prove that a particular phone camera is the best in the world (it's not) and more to do with sharing a sense of community with other owners, seeing what they've been up to and getting involved.

OK, so it's day one and I'm the only person to have uploaded anything (at the time of writing this), but do please add it to your Flickr feed and join the group if you have this phone, I'd love to see what you snap!

Screenshot, Flickr

You can join the group right here on Flickr.

For much more of my thoughts on the IDOL 4 Pro's camera, see my full review part 2, of course.

Source / Credit: Flickr