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I was a huge fan of Google Reader back in the day, a way of auto-gathering tech stories from around the web in seconds. And then Google killed it. Happily rival news gathering site Feedly stepped up to the plate, making itself a close enough clone that many Google Reader fans simply hopped over to Feedly (and various clients on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, including FeedLab UWP) - that was four years ago, yet I should acknowledge that there are plenty of alternatives. Not least Newsblur, which is very well thought of, a genuine Feedly competitor. It works well via the web and Edge. But it has, I've noticed, also acquired a third party UWP client, Hypersonic, featured here.

From the Store description for Hypersonic:

The first NewsBlur client designed exclusively for Windows 10. Hypersonic is clean, simple, beautiful, and designed to run across both mobile and desktop devices.

  • Two-way synchronization with NewsBlur: synchronize your site subscriptions, mark articles as read/unread, and star articles for later reading.
  • Beautiful, clean user interface that adapts to every device
  • Fast and fluid reading experience: swipe left and right to flip through articles, and easily open the full version of the article either inside the app, or in your web browser.
  • Easily share articles with friends with built-in sharing support
  • Live tile support, showing total unread count and article headlines.

Sounds good. Here's Hypersonic in action:

Hypersonic UWP screenshotHypersonic UWP screenshot

Defaulting to a light theme, somewhat wastefully on typical AMOLED-screened W10M phones, though in fairness most PC/tablet use will favour this light look; (right) the opening hamburger navigation after signing into my (somewhat fledgling) Newsblur account. All very clear.

Hypersonic UWP screenshotHypersonic UWP screenshot

My first stop was Settings (on the '...' menu) though, to fix the theme. Here's Hypersonic now in Dark themed mode - phew! (right) Hypersonic's presentation of Newsblur's curation of all my RSS news feeds, most recent first, as they should be.

Hypersonic UWP screenshotHypersonic UWP screenshot

Tapping on a headline shows the body text from the appropriate RSS feed, though you can also (see toggle, top right) switch Hypersonic into a (full) 'text' reading mode, wherein the original article is grabbed and reformatted within the app here. Of course, for AAWP you'll be using AAWP Universal - won't you?!

Hypersonic UWP screenshotHypersonic UWP screenshot

Gradually working my way through all unread stories; (right) the 'Global Shared Stories' are a good way of seeing what's happening outside your own feed world, though I couldn't find an easy way of adding a feed to my Newsblur subscription list from within the Hypersonic application - am I missing something?

There's also a live tile, though this only shows one new headline, a cycling set of headlines would have made more sense. It's possible that this is a bug under the latest Creators Update Release Preview?

You can grab the free trial here in the Store. The full app is only a dollar/0.75p, don't worry!

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