1Shot UWP gets OIS toggle, digital stabilisation and more...

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Always part of my Windows Phone and then Windows 10 Mobile camera toolkit, 1Shot, here in its UWP implementation for Windows 10, has been regularly updated even since my big feature on it back in April 2017. Today's update rounds up a series of improvements which have seen the addition of digital stabilisation for video and even being able to turn OIS off, on relevant devices! See below for a summarised changelog!

Here's the changelog for v2.3.1 since the last time we covered 1Shot here (only a couple of weeks ago!):

  • Persist OIS settings and restore when camera is loaded
  • Add geo location to captured video when recording is stopped
  • Remove preview stretch option from Settings
  • Change horizontal level to imitate Spirit Level.
  • Add option to enable / disable Optical Image Stabilisation
  • Add option to enable / disable Digital Video Stabilisation
  • Add Digital Video Stabilisation if enabled when loading camera for video.
  • Add Advanced Photo Mode support (Auto, Hdr and Low Light) exposing those supported by device
  • Add Advanced Video Mode support (Auto Hdr, Hdr and Low Light) exposing those supported by device
  • Add Duration display when recording video.
  • Add TapToCapture property and ensure that capture cycle is kicked off only if its in photo mode.
  • Show stop button to stop multi capture sequence.
  • Enable timer mode for video capture.
  • Add support for additional frame rate for video capture.

I didn't even think it possible to disable OIS on a phone - I thought it was part of the hardware and always 'on' - but I stand corrected. Quite why you'd want to disable OIS is another matter - my drone flying use case is outrageously niche - can you think of any other reason?


Included in the Settings are the toggles for OIS and digital stabilisation....


New 'Advanced mode' support for stills and video, matching what Windows 10 Camera provides...

Good to see digital stabilisation added to 1Shot UWP anyway, the feature list and even UI for this alternate take on a camera app for Windows 10 Mobile continues to evolve, month by month and is well worth keeping your eye on.

You can grab 1Shot UWP here in the Store