First sighting of the Surface Mobile?

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Spotted late at night at Microsoft Ignite by my source Peter Libbrecht was Windows 10 Insiders programme boss Dona Sarkar - with a couple of phones in 'folio' cases. Now, this may just be a wild goose chase we're starting down here, but one of the phones appears to be a clamshell or a folding phablet of some kind. Could this be one of the first real world sightings of the fabled 'Surface Mobile'? See the photo below and then let speculation rage - any other bets for what she's holding?

Dona and Surface Phone or Surface Mobile?

It's obviously very tough to identify phones from their top ends, but it does make something of a feature of a device which is more than a 'slab'. In this case, two slab sections hinged together - too symmetrically to be a 'Communicator-style' clamshell, but about right for a folding phablet, as per the recent Microsoft patents.

An interesting spot and it would make sense for Dona to have a prototype or two around her person - though if she were carrying this around this openly then I'd have expected more people to have snapped it by now?

What's your bet? Am I making a fool of myself for jumping on this or is this a first sighting of the real deal?

See also the last 'spot' of a Surface Mobile here, as part of an Azure ad spot. I do realise that part of the frenzy around such a device is fuelled by a complete absence of other first party mobile hardware, but on the other hand, 'there's no smoke without fire', so maybe this is real after all? If so, I'd bet at a commercial launch around the time of Redstone 4 in the Spring in 2018.

Update: Peter's now pointed me to the original image source, from Jen Gentleman, though she was just pointing out Dona working hard generally... 8-)

Source / Credit: Jen Gentleman