Tinder and Windows 10 Mobile a good match, thanks to Edge

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Hat tip to MSPU for spotting that the full HTML5 interface for Tinder (the dating application) is now widely available. What does this mean for W10M? That you can favourite (and pin to Start) Tinder and use the familar interface in the Edge browser, just like a native mobile application.

From MSPU:

Earlier this year, Tinder announced the availability of a new way to access their app on the desktop, the web.

The company sold Tinder Online to users as  “a fun, new web experience”. Tinder would no longer be mobile only, but “with Tinder Online, you could swipe anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. ”

The app was initially rolled out to the following regions, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden for a limited testing period.

Now, the web app is now more widely available, and Tinder is directing users of the app to head to Tinder.com and give it a try for themselves.

Tinder’s new website is another example of mobile-exclusive apps adopting the app in a lieu of a dedicated desktop app. As desktop development dies, web-based apps will become more and more important in the future.

Indeed. And, at the risk of incurring the wrath of my wife(!), I gave it a brief trial in Edge on my Lumia 950 XL:


The age old 'swipe left for no', 'swipe right for yes' etc, to each face and profile. Savage!


Digging into a profile and (right) exploring the various web-based Tinder settings.

The swiping animations aren't 100% consistent, but it does seem as though everything you might need in terms of browsing and messaging is here, in your efforts to find a partner locally.

You can try it for yourself under Windows 10 Mobile by just going to tinder.com 

See also the third party client, 6tin.

Source / Credit: MSPU