Wifi Analyzer Tool UWP helps optimise your home wifi

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Not the first UWP application (see the freemium tool here, for example) to perform these functions, but nicely done is Wifi Analyzer Tool, letting you explore the Wifi airwaves around you. Specifically helping you diagnose issues around your house, work out where an extender might be needed, and also avoid channel conflicts.

From the Store description:

The application shows Wi-Fi networks around you. You can view all available details of the networks. The spectrum chart helps you identify overlapping networks and choose the best channel for your router. User can also connect to the listed networks. Please also see the feature list for more info.

And this absolutely works as advertised, here on my Lumia 950:


The traditional 2.4GHz Wifi scan, across all channels, and a look (right) at the 5GHz spectrum too...


Digging deep into the broadcast details for a specific access point; (right) listing networks with channel numbers and signal strengths...


There's also a time chart and you can toggle each frequency spectrum on and off as needed, plus you can save the display as an image, perhaps for passing on to tech support when tracking down a problem?

Very nicely implemented indeed. This is a commercial application in the Store, but it's less than £2 for the next week, so grab it while you can.

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