ProShot UWP hits v2.0, adds Black and White mode, new interface

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Last covered here on AAWP, ProShot is one of the best known alternatives to Windows 10 Camera, with a totally different interface and totally different resolutions and options. And version 2.0 of its UWP incarnation for Windows 10 just hit the Store, with a reworked interface again and with a new 'Black and White' (yada yada, super arty!) mode.

The switch to v2.0 brings a changelog in the Store description:

  • New UI, redesigned and optimized
  • Added black and white mode (may be CPU-intensive, disable if app runs slow)
  • HDR modes are now free
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.0 is working pretty well on my Lumia 950 XL:


Showing off the new Black and White mode, but note also the new global settings icon, bottom left, and the simpler control cluster on the right.

The global setting pane is all graphical still, but well done - just toggle and tweak away to your heart's delight....

The attraction of ProShot, as ever, is the control, not just over resolution and shooting parameters, but of bitrates, compression factors, and so on. Plus a very DSLR-like interface that has a learning curve but which you'll find very useful with practice.

You can buy ProShot v2.0 in the Store here.