Backroads UWP helps plan off-road treks

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The intersection of Windows 10 Mobile users and outdoor enthusiasts always seems higher than the average - maybe it's the opportunity to use the great Lumia cameras? Anyway, we're seeing more and more UWP utilities designed to help you when away from the roads and civilisation in general. Well, maybe the odd hotel at night and then back out into the outdoors? All planned and visualised here in a brand new application, Backroads UWP.

From the Store description:

Prepare for adventure!

Backroads is the definitive trip planner and trip companion app for the obsessive trip planner. It is designed to be the place where you gather and organize all the information you gained during planning, so that everything is readily available at your fingertips when you're on the road.

Have you ever found yourself writing down GPS coordinates for some obscure point of interest? Saving off GPX or KML files to guide you to that unknown wonder in the wilderness? Writing down a detailed day-by-day plan for your hard-earned vacation? Or simply wishing you could visualize your upcoming trip in one place? If so, this is the app for you: Backroads was designed by obsessive trip planners to help you prepare for your own adventures.

KNOWN ISSUES: The Windows 10 Creator's Update has a number of map-related bugs which can cause the app to crash. The Fall Creator's Update appears to have fixed most of these issues.


  • Trip planner
  • Trip companion
  • Road trip planner
  • Weather forecast
  • GPS tracker
  • GPX track viewer
  • KML track viewer

Normally I'd head outdoors and try this for real, but it's heading into winter here in the UK, so I'll content myself with annotating the developer's example screenshots:


This being a full UWP app for all Windows 10 devices, Backroads is equally happy in landscape or portrait modes. Here a trip is visualised in overview, this is one day's planned trek (see the tabs along the bottom)


The built-in Calendar keeps track of everything, with a Logistics view picking out the hard and fast booked items, along with details on each.


Invidual trek legs can be plotted on Windows 10 Maps' satellite views, both in terms of planning and (later) where you actually went.


You can grab this in the Store here. Comments welcome if you get to try it for real.

PS. See also GeoMeterPro 10 UWP, a direct competitor, reviewed here.

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