MyPodcasts UWP gets art/notes toggle, regional filter, and more...

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Almost two months ago, I reviewed the remake of OneCast, now called MyPodcasts - very pretty, very slick and also a full UWP app for all Windows 10 form factors. And, in the spirit of keeping you informed, and with the rightly high popularity of podcatchers, here's news of a big new update and what's in it.

Today's update is v1.3 and here's the full changelog, straight from the developer:

  • View show notes by clicking/tapping on cover art
  • Added regional filter for Discover page (popular podcasts)
  • Added tutorial overlay for new users
  • Added custom Tile Display options
  • Added sleep timer
  • Added repeat one/all options
  • Added stream only and stream + download behavior options
  • Added additional download visuals for currently downloading tracks
  • Added option to change playback control sizes
  • Added option stay on current screen when starting new playback item
  • Added option to disable seek acceleration
  • Updated app animations
  • Performance improvements
  • General bug fixes

MyPodcasts UWP contines to go from strength to strength, here's the new v1.3.45 in action on my Lumia 950 XL:

Screenshot, MyPodcastsScreenshot, MyPodcasts

Tutorial annotations for new users and (right) show notes which pop-up on tapping a podcast's artwork.

Screenshot, MyPodcastsScreenshot, MyPodcasts

The new regional filter in action, here 'discovering' podcasts from Australia! (right) the new sleep timer and its duration options.

You can grab MyPodcasts UWP here in the Store.

PS. You may experience the app crashing when tapping on a podcast. This is a rare bug (though I hit it) and it's to do with issues with the underlying app settings files. The best approach is to export your podcasts to an OPML file (in Settings), delete the app's data in Windows 10's own Settings/Apps/Advanced etc., and then reimport your data from the OPML file. Data points welcome on whether others hit the issue. Anyway, things are working here now and hopefully will be all well for the future with this fresh start!

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