GDrive.NET UWP hits v6, adds Fluent Design touches

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Back in August, we reported on GDrive.NET hitting v5.0, and there have been a number of updates since then, culminating in the big v6.0 here. Most of the updates have been under the hood fixes, but v6.0 is significant as it raises the minimum supported branch of Windows 10 Mobile to the Creators Update, i.e. you need a phone with this (or newer) to run the application. Further, there's the 'Neon' User Interface, as far as I can see just a very light touch of Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update's 'Fluent Design'. Those on CU aren't missing out though, the 'Neon' elements are so subtle that you'd hardly know they're present.

The changelog for v6.0 is quoted - somewhat minimally - as:

  • Neon UI, min supported version CU, FCU for Neon
  • Better keyboard support on PC

GDrive.NET itself, you may remember, is a fully functional Google Drive and Google Photos client, with feature list:

  • list files in Google Drive
  • download from Google Drive
  • sharing files
  • automatically upload photos, videos and screens to cloud
  • upload to Google Drive
  • revoking permissions for files
  • slideshow mode for viewing images
  • checking storage info
  • multi accounts support
  • Google Photos support

A couple of screens of v6.0 in action:


From what I gather, the exact amount of transparency in Fluent Design can be customised by the developer? In this case, there IS some translucency on the hamburger menu, but it's virtually impossible to tell on a screenshot, and almost as hard on the real phone screen! Talk about subtle...(!) On the right, above, confirmation of an improvement that was made some time ago but which I've never mentioned - full Windows Hello support. Meaning that you can log into your Google Drive using fingerprint or iris recognition if you want to.

As ever, it's impressive to see GDrive.NET continuing to evolve and adapt. I get the impression that the developer uses his own application every day and, as such, picks up on real world issues and Google API changes very quickly.

You can grab GDrive.NET in the Store here. It's free to download and try, with ads that can be removed with an in-app purchase, along with unlocking some premium features. It's what I did.

Comments welcome if you use GDrive.NET regularly. See also my full review of this essential Windows 10 Mobile UWP app here.

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