To-do overload? Note One Task (and One Calendar) UWP

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Available now in Windows 10 UWP form, I wanted to give this productivity app (also available for WP 8.1) a shout out here. Yes, Microsoft has its own To-Do utility these days and it's semi-integrated into Outlook Calendar, but this third party tool also tries to integrate Google Tasks, plus it adds quite a bit of eye candy...

From the Store description:

The most popular app to manage your tasks. OneTask helps you to organize and remember all the important things you need to do.

OneTask integrates with Google, Outlook and Office 365 tasks, so you can view your todo lists everywhere. OneTask teams up with OneCalendar to show your tasks on your calendar.

At the risk of drowning in to-dos(!), here are some of the promotional screenshots. I'd use my own data, but a) my to-dos are really boring, and b) I'm already syncing about four things together and I can't risk something upsetting the mix!


The themed backdrop looks fancy, though it does rather go against the usual productivity ethos. Still, pretty, eh? Here we're looking at OneTask's to-do dashboard and (right) a specific list...


Starting to enter a new to-do, and (right) assigning a to-do to a particular account/to-do system...

You can grab this (it's free) in the Store here. The developer's related application, One Calendar is here in the Store and also free, though this time with some in-app-purchases.

Comments welcome. Do you feel in the need for extra productivity software beyond Microsoft Outlook and To-Do?

Source / Credit: Store