Rounding up three months of 1Shot UWP tweaks

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Always part of my Windows Phone and then Windows 10 Mobile camera toolkit, 1Shot, here in its UWP implementation for Windows 10, has been regularly updated even since my big feature on it back in April 2017. Today's update rounds up about 20 fixes, tweaks and improvements, all listed below. 


Here's the official summarised changelog for v2.3.8* since the last time we covered 1Shot here (back in September last year, for v2.3.1):

* Note that 2.3.8's in-app changelog isn't complete, but this list is!

  • Add timeout to focus and revert to larger focus rectangle.
  • Ensure that photo / video mode is correctly set when device is selected.
  • Try lock the camera service before trying to take a picture.
  • Disable auto WB on focus cycle if recording is active.
  • Execute photo persistence outside of photo sequence to improve performance.
  • Enable thumbnail for single photo, photo sequence and video capture
  • Add Rate and Review prompt
  • Remove photo transcode options for now.
  • Enable burst to only execute when multi capture is enabled. Removed Press / Released event as it seems buggy.
  • Add donate option for free app.
  • Add full resolution burst capture on press and hold of camera / capture button. Releasing the button ends burst capture.
  • Fix change log markdown to display it correctly.
  • Fix issue with external webcam not loading correctly.
  • Enable / disable scene modes correctly
  • Follow user flash setting for Focus Assist Lights
  • Donate button in settings for 1Shot. Not visible in Pro version
  • Persist user selected Frame Rate and restore the correct resolution / frame rate when camera reloads
  • Disable use of Video Stabilisation Recommendation as it doesn't seem to work well with MediaEncodingProfile Auto mode.
  • Wire into Camera module's Thermal Status and show icon when device gets too hot and stop any recording in progress
  • Show message dialog when user tries to record a video whilst camera is too hot.
  • Add screen flash option for front facing camera
  • Add Photo Encoding options for photo capture and refactor the code.

So a mountain of bug fixes and tweaks then, but all aimed to maximise speed and quality. This alternate take on a camera app for Windows 10 Mobile continues to evolve, month by month, year by year, and is well worth keeping your eye on.

You can grab 1Shot UWP here in the Store. I'm curious - how many of you use 1Shot instead of Windows 10 Camera? Or ProShot? Data points welcomed. Would you like a three way comparison feature?

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