City Art Search now tops 9000 masterpieces

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Good to see that Microsoft's City Art Search (here's my original review) hasn't been totally abandoned, even if it's now in 'maintenance mode'. And, amazingly, it's a Silverlight application still - in early 2018! The whole of the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile world is still compatible though, so grab some culture and knock yourself out! This update, v4.0.2.5, adds many hundreds more pieces of high quality classic art from around the world, bringing the total to just over 9000!

Here's the new version in action:


As commented before, it's a lot of work (and fairly manual) to both capture and then manipulate and enter details of all this art into the online system, but this is a very worthwhile initiative. And completely free to you, the user. So well done to all concerned.

You can grab City Art Search here in the Store. There's also a alpha-quality utility for Windows 10, CAS Preview, which is a UWP app but which doesn't have the full art browsing UI - it just does the lockscreen art changing trick.

Source / Credit: Store