Crypto Chart UWP gets quick view switching, auto-sync

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Last year I reviewed Crypto Chart UWP, a genuinely premium way to manage your crypto currency portfolio on Windows 10 Mobile (and other devices) - and it's been getting better and better, with fortnightly updates (or so). The latest brings a feature that I'd been lobbying for - being able to quickly switch the time frame of its charts and graphs. One of my favourite Windows phone apps just got better.

Some screens of the latest version of Crypto Chart UWP in action:


A timescale control in the bottom toolbar now lets you instantly change between different views - very neatly implemented; (right) note also the 'Auto sync' feature, which periodically uses OneDrive to sync your portfolio details to any other Crypto Chart UWP installations, for example on your Surface Pro or other Windows 10 device.

And on one of my Windows 10 PCs, the exact same app, fully synced automatically, with appropriate auto-reflow of the layout on the larger screen:


You can grab this free from the Store for (Windows 10 Mobile) phone, hybrid or desktop. It's very well programed indeed and highly recommended.

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Source / Credit: Store