Gemini: P for Productivity

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Now, bear with me, since this doesn't run Symbian (AAS) or Windows (AAWP), but it does very much follow up on some of the ideas of Symbian (née Psion/EPOC) and Nokia over the years and it does very much emphasise productivity and that the smartphone should be a way to get more things done more efficiently, not just a place to waste time or spend money... This is the Gemini and I've been having a look at it on The Phones Show - hopefully it's of interest!

From the Symbian world, this is closest to both the original Psion palmtops (of course) and the Nokia Communicators, while in the Windows world we have the original HTC 7 Pro and the whole 'business and productivity' emphasis that's very much part of Windows 10 Mobile nowadays.

Here's the video anyway - enjoy.

It’s not that easy to buy yet, though. The Indiegogo page is still the place to get started but the very earliest backers, from the start of 2017, are only now starting to receive production Geminis. It’ll be a few months before the 4000 or so backers have all been serviced, so we’re not talking of a device that you can buy in your local tech mart. The eventual retail price will be in the £500 region for the Wi-fi plus 4G model, though an exact figure isn’t yet available. Interestingly, that would be the exact same pricing level as the Psion Series 5 was 20 years ago.

Comments welcome - if any of you were to consider switching to Android then would something like this be a good starting point?

Source / Credit: Youtube