£100 off the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro at Microsoft sites

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So you've been encouraged by my tutorial on getting the IDOL 4 Pro right up the Fall Creators Update and quite fancy those loud stereo speakers, impressive DAC, and premium glass build? Well, in the UK at least, the IDOL 4 Pro is on offer now at £320, i.e. £100 off.

Is this a temporary offer, or part of a drive to eventually clear inventory? Probably the latter, I'd imagine that sales of the IDOL 4 Pro might only continue until the summer of 2018. But while £420 was on the high side for the specs  in 2018, I think that £320 is quite good value, especially considering that it's still the highest specced Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, arguably.

Special offer

You can find the IDOL 4 Pro at that price here on Microsoft's UK web site.

It's also on offer (100 Euros off) on Microsoft France here and on Microsoft Germany here. And probably other Microsoft European sites, so check yours if you're interested.

PS. See also my original review verdict on this smartphone here.

Source / Credit: Microsoft