Terrae Motus UWP explores the world of daily earthquakes

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Having only reviewed Earthquake Watch UWP last month, it seems that it's earthquake season, with Terrae Motus UWP here on Windows 10 (all form factors) too. It's from the developer of Zenit UWP too, so it's pretty slick and informative.

From the Store description:

Welcome to Terrae Motus, the first complete Windows 10 UWP app to explore earthquakes world! You can keep an eye and search for earthquakes and other natural events from various sources (including USGS, INGV, EMSC, JMA, etc.), visualize every detail of them, share them and even use an interactive map.

Here's Terrae Motus in action on a Lumia 950 today:


A nice touch - the preferences are front and centre when you first start Terrae Motus; it's a vanilla Windows 10 UWP interface, here with earthquakes sorted by magnitude.


Tapping through to a couple of different earthquakes, one with map mode, one in aerial mode. In each case you can manipulate the scale as needed. Note the depth stat - the left hand one was at ground level, the right one 189km down! Very important....


There's a search facility with sliders to set the ranges to search within - I hadn't seen this Windows 10 control system used before - quite neat; (right) a timeline view lets you 'play' through the last day of earthquakes for any region or map view. 


Here's a view of  the 'ring of fire' in Terrae Motus UWP, on a Windows 10 Desktop. Wow.

You can grab Terrae Motus UWP in the Store here. There's a 'Pro' donation to the developer for a dollar and this is worth doing, to encourage more applications like this. If you dig into the About page, it seems that a full Fluent Design overhaul is in the works, with real time notifications too. Watch this space.

Source / Credit: Store