Likegram for Instagram UWP is a smart web wrapper

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Ways of accessing Instagram have multiplied somewhat in the last few weeks, with lateral thinking providing these options even though the official application has gone and... come back in the Store. But here's another that was mentioned at the time - Likegram. As you'll see from the layout, it's effectively the Instagram web site (as are most other solutions), but here again wrapped smartly. It's free though, and saves you messing around with PAWA or Monument Browser and the like.

From the Store description:

Likegram is a lightweight and fast option for you to access Instagram through your Windows devices. As a differential, we have the availability of several languages ​​and some basic settings to help you in your navigation. 

Here's Likegram for Instagram in action:

Likegram screenshotLikegram screenshot

Yes, it's Instagram as we all know it, served up by the original service but presented here in UWP form as web content inside a custom wrapper. Meaning extra controls, seen on the left here, and more, mentioned below; (right) here I'm posting a new image, along with an Instagram filter.

Likegram screenshotLikegram screenshot

So that's what Rafe is up to these days! (right) I don't really use Instagram, but somehow seemed to have picked up 96 followers for my test images!

Likegram screenshotLikegram screenshot

Instagram browsing is entirely as normal and very mobile-friendly, here watching a video from Gavin; (right) hooking up with others, potentially...

Likegram screenshotLikegram screenshot

Although most things work perfectly - it's just a web wrapper, after all - some of the fancier server-side CSS gets Likegram in a tizzy. So here, after entering text onto a 'Story' image, the 'Done' control doesn't work! Oh well, something for Likegram's dev to look at; (right) the main wrapper options, along with a way to clear the internal cache.

You can grab this in the Store here - does the 'smart wrapper' solution appeal to you? Aside from the 'Story' issue above, I think it works pretty well for a service like Instagram, which is so heavily web/HTML-based.

Source / Credit: Store